Digital and DMR organizations




Sierra Nevada Amateur Radio Society

Central California Amateur Radio Organizations and Clubs

Central Valley Radio Club

Tulare County Amateur Radio Club

Clovis Amateur Radio Pioneers

Amateur Radio Association of Central California

Fresno Amateur Radio Club

Repeater Coordination Bodies

NCDCC Digital only coordination body in Northern California

NARCC Northern California repeater coordination both analog and digital

SCRRBA Southern California repeater and remote base organization

TASMA Twin band area spectrum management association VHF Southern California Coordination Body

Where to Purchase DMR equipment Ham Friendly Dealers

Sandy’s Communications--Located in Southern California. Call 866 993-9011 and ask for Jeff.

Connect Systems--Located in Southern California. This is where to buy the CS700 and CS701 radios. You must call: (818) 889-0503 to place your order

N6VYT Tower Climb Helmet Cam Videos

Eric's Tower Climb Videos "Informative comicable and fun."