Constitution & Bylaws

Mountain West DMR
Ratified: February 16, 2016
Mailing Address:
820 S 11th Ave
Hanford, Ca 93230

We, the undersigned, wishing to secure for ourselves the pleasures and benefits of an association of persons commonly interested in Amateur Radio, more particularly the digital mode of DMR. Our purpose is to further the exchange of information and cooperation between members, to promote radio knowledge, fraternalism and individual operating efficiency through the use of and deployment of digital voice communications principally Digital Mobile Radio protocol.

Article I - Membership
All persons interested in Amateur Radio communications shall be eligible for membership provided they are of sound character and good standing within the community. Membership shall be by web application after payment for annual dues has been received via pay-pal.

Article II - Dues
Regular individual annual dues of $120.00 per member; and Family $175.00  Dues shall be payable via PayPal on the anniversary date of your annual dues. Members who fail to pay their dues by the end of their anniversary date shall forfeit all membership privileges such as access to the members section of the web site and access to CPS software and code plugs. Club membership can be restored with the payment of the annual dues for that year.

When you join your PayPal will be set up as an auto renew subscription. If you do not want your account to be auto renewal,
it is your responsibility to cancel that with PayPal so that your dues will not be auto withdrawn.

In the event you auto renew your dues will be valid for one additional year and are non refundable.
If you need assistance with canceling your auto renew please contact us and we can assist you with that however your dues are non refundable

August 1, 2017


Mark K Ward N6IB, CEO/ President