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WX6D - Mountain West Network

Other Connections

The following are a list known of networks that host the Mtn. West Network as a static talkgroup.

Network Location Rpt. Callsign Site Location Frequency Time Slot
BayCom San Bruno, CA N6AMG San Bruno Mtn. 440.5 +5mHz CC1 TS2
BayCom Palo Alto, CA K6OTR Black Mtn. 441.85 +5mHz CC1 TS2
BayCom Fremont, CA WA6KPX Mt. Allison 443.4 +5mHz CC1 TS2
BayCom San Jose, CA WA6YCZ Mt Umunhum 442.5375 +5mHz CC1 TS2
WesternStates Various "WSDMR" Various Various TS2
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