Mountain West DMR is: WX6D; and is a proud member of the greater Brandmeister DMR network


Park Ridge 442.325 + 5.00 CC2 is in the process of being relocated to Double Mtn. The New Frequency will be 439.0125- 6.00MHz CC1 and will be the Northern Mohave Desert Repeater it also has coverage into the southern and South Western San Joaquin Valley. Reason we are moving it is out HotSpot experiment proved that we can place a full duplex repeater in the convention we plan to run and will be much more streamlined.

Thank you.

If we don't have your radios code-plug listed in the members section and you would feel it beneficial to the organization to have your radios codeplug included, kindly email me a blank code plug and I will work on creating a load for that radio. email:

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