Mountain West DMR is: WX6D; and is a proud member of the greater Brandmeister DMR network

Information: If we don't have your radios code-plug listed in the members section and you would feel it beneficial to the organization to have your radios cqodeplug included, kindly email me a blank code plug and I will work on creating a load for that radio. email:

Information on Tagalog Non English TG 5150-5159 and where they can be found in the SJV
The only repeaters that are carrying the following Talk Groups :5150-5159 in the Mountain West DMR Repeater system and Region are : Park Ridge Look Out N6VQL/R 144.950 + 2.50MHZ CC2 Meadow Lakes AB6BP/R 145.45- CC 1 and Mt Bullion AB6BP/R 442.700+ CC1 and Santa Rita Peak W6EDX/R 442.000 + CC 1 due to the use and load on the system and the burden it has placed on our users we have had to restrict it to the above listed repeaters. If there is a need to have it carried in an area that these repeaters don't cover kindly write us with your request. We however request that if we have added it that you use it to make your contact and allow the repeater to go back to on demand once your contact is complete as the timing up of a Time Slot for more then usual is a tremendous burden for others who desire to utilize that repeater and or time slot..

NEW: MD 2017 Code Plug uploaded to the Members Section
New: CS800D Code Plug uploaded to the Members Section
New: GD-55Plus Code Plug uploaded to the Members Section

Important Update: 9-9-2017

In order to prevent time slot hijacking we are asking those of you to make modifications to the following talk groups time slot allocation: NorCal 31068 NorCal 1 31069 SoCal 31066 SoCal1 31067. Furthermore if you are adding any reflector or international talk groups that are not suggested; we also kindly ask that they be programmed on TS 1 .

Mountain West DMR has moved its operations to Master 3102 for the purpose of stability

Because Mountain West DMR is affiliated with Brandmeister, you have the power to use any talk group you want to program into your radios. I say this with one subtle suggestion which is if it is not a talk group that is in the list of published talk groups; that you kindly place it on time slot 1 as to not interfere with the local traffic that is being utilized on time slot 2.

Further more any talk group that is not set to active always will be treated as a push to talk or user activated talk group meaning it will remain active so long as there is activity emanating from that talk group on the repeater it was made active. It is important to note that with User activated talk groups if 15 min elapses with no activity, that talk group will go back to non active until the next time it is activated on the said repeater.

Also because we are part of the Brandmeister network of DMR repeaters, you as a user have the ability to harness reflectors. Reflectors act like a talk group however you must have a activation TG of the reflector # on the TS you are using. To all on the reflector, you must then put your radio on TG 9 on the TS you activated the reflector and you can utilize that reflector just like a TG. Reflectors are more widely utilized in Europe then here in North America. Another use of a reflector is to bridge dissimilar networks such as System Fusion, D-Star, P25, and 20K0F3E (Analog)

You have the flexibility to use any talk group that is available on the Brandmeister network on any repeater anywhere. This is the true power of DMR or DMR 2.0

Go forth and enjoy the system as it was built with you in mind!!

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