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WX6D - Mountain West Network

Welcome to the Mountain West Network!

We are an integral part of digital radio here in The Golden State. Amongst our projects include: Internet Resiliency, Microwave Redundancy, and one of the largest independently owned local area connections that keeps all things tied together in the event of a SHTF disaster.

Our goals going forward in the ensuing year is to bring the connection around the bend and link up with our friends in the high desert making them part of the greater microwave LAN.

Our Mission

The mission of the Mountain West Network is to vigorously promote, support, and lead amateur radio activities in a manner that honors and exemplifies the radio amateur’s code all while serving our community’s needs.

Getting Involved

Just Talk!

Our network does have a DMR talkgroup and P25 refelctor which are cross linked 24/7! BrandMeister TG 31062 & P25 Reflector 31062

Making A Donation

There is a cost running a large network like this one, consider making a one time donation. These funds will be used to keep each of our sites on the air.

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